Your Unique Voice 

 May 17, 2018

By  Iris Talbot

My job as a vocal coach is to have you make a sound you have never made and I have never heard! Every lesson is a new experience just waiting to happen. As a new student I do not label your voice. It is an unknown quantity, waiting to be discovered.

Part of the learning process means  you need  to be okay making noises. That’s right. Noise. You might not realize that what you think sounds like the yell of Tarzan flying through the trees is healthy for the voice. Don’t get me wrong not all noise is good noise. That’s where I use my experience to determine whether a sound is worth pursuing or not. More importantly I want to make sure that what you are doing will benefit your vocal health for years to come. A healthy voice will stay with you for your entire  life. I  think of my vocal  sessions as aerobics for the voice. Stay fit , stay healthy and use your voice correctly.

I am often asked ,”Why don’t you have a series of exercises on your website that everyone can do”?

You might think that if everyone does the same exercise everyone will get better. Building the voice is not quite as straight forward as that. Each person has their own unique voice; their own way of using their voice. Some people use their voice in a healthy way while others do not. I like to have my students record their own exercises during their lesson. Exercises that are custom fit for their unique voice. Remember, practise doesn’t make perfect, it makes permanent. You need to practise correct functionally vocally healthy exercises. Most often you will need to experience trial and error as you progress. Don’t be too hard on yourself  while you are learning. As long as you are getting better that’s all that matters.

Iris Talbot

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