About Iris

Iris Talbot, Vocal Coach

Iris Talbot, Vocal Coach

Iris Talbot is following her life's passion as she dedicates her time and efforts in teaching you to use your voice in a more compelling way.

You came to the right place if you are;

  • wanting to improve both your singing and speaking voice
  • feeling vocally stuck.
  • confused and not knowing where to begin.

What makes her coaching different?

  • The coaching Iris provides comes from overcoming her own vocal challenges. You cannot live long enough to make all the mistakes Iris has made.
  • Iris recognizes that your voice is unique; just like you.
  • No judgements. Iris is here to help you make a sound that you have never made and she has never heard.
  •  Iris will allow you to make all kinds of sounds. Some will be strange, loud and often ugly.  That's okay. If you only make beautiful sounds you will never discover the speaker or singer you could become.
  • Iris focuses on three variables to improve your vocal health; pitch, intensity and the vowel. The right combination will produce a heathy voice. A healthy voice is a beautiful voice.
  • Iris believes the voice is a physical instrument which responds to movement.  Experience the joy and freedom of movement while making incredible sounds.

Iris coaches the individual.  Your needs, your concerns and your goals are important to her. Working together you will achieve your dreams. 

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Experience and Qualifications

Iris holds a Bachelor of Music degree in vocal performance, has sung in the chorus of Calgary Opera and was a founding member of Debut Opera. She has additionally produced and sung in many concerts over the years. She has taught singers for over forty years while working under the mentorship of Ken Nielsen, an amazing voice teacher who understood the voice.

Iris is a Distinguished Toastmaster®, a certified World Class Speaking Coach®, and a certified True Colors facilitator. She will help you find your unique voice.

Additionally,  Iris has trained REALTORS® with the Calgary Real Estate Board, was a director on the Calgary Real Estate board, assistant office manager with RE/MAX Real Estate (Central), and host of " The Real Estate Show" radio show, she has learned the incredible value of speaking with confidence and credibility when building your business.

As an experienced , successful real estate sales agent for 25 years, Iris learned the importance of being viewed as a competent , credible professional. When your voice inspires confidence, your job prospects will improve as will your relationships. Your voice is as unique as your fingerprint make sure it sends the message you intend to convey.