Voice Coaching

What Can Voice Coaching Do For You?

Are you, like many of my students, frustrated with vocal challenges? Do any of these scenarios describe you?

  • Inability to project your voice. No matter how hard you try you voice continues to be too quiet to be heard. I can help you project your voice in a more powerful yet healthy way.
  • People are always asking you to repeat yourself. Sometimes this is true for those whose native language is not English. I can help with accent reduction and clarity.
  • Fatigue. If you have ever experienced laryngitis or total loss of voice after giving a presentation I can help.
  • Speaking in Monotone. Do you put people to sleep during your presentations because your voice is uninteresting? I can help you improve your expressiveness.
  • You hate having to speak in public. Let me help you find the joy in communicating effectively.
  • You speak too fast, too slow or with an edge. Let me show you how true relaxation while speaking will draw your audience toward you.

Unique Programs Because Every Voice is Unique

“I use singing techniques to help speakers improve their speaking voices. I use speaking techniques to help singers keep their voices healthy when speaking. The side benefit of this approach is that many singers become better speakers while many speakers experience the joy of singing“ - Iris Talbot

Don't know where to start?  Book a FREE individual session or try a group workshop.

Individual Coaching

One hour introduction to voice or creating memorable speeches/presentations.

Coaching comes in packages of 10 or an option to commit for 1 year.

Group Workshops

Choose the presentation which will help achieve your company or group's goal.

  1. A 45 minute introductory session on the voice for any sized group.
  2. A 4 hour interactive session for speakers. Designed to help your group discover ways to build more memorable speeches/presentations.
  3. A 2 day seminar which includes;
    ~  True Colors Personality Assessment & tools.     
    ~  Tips & techniques to improve presentations.   
    ~   Individualized vocal and speaking coaching. 
    You'll leave with improved skills to communicate more effectively not only at work but in your personal life as well.  Best for groups of 15 to 20.