People are Saying Great Things . . .

Iris Talbot is a remarkably talented and generous vocal coach. She is deeply committed to the success of her students. In just a few short hours, my voice strengthened and my confidence grew, enabling me to compete successfully in a speech competition. Thank you, Iris, for the inspired guidance.

Jocelyn Hastie

Thank you so much for giving me hope...above all else you do...I really feel hopeful that I do not need to live in fear of losing my voice.

The Saturday sessions were so much fun, so eye opening in teaching the power of voice and the beauty of singing.  I always felt I was a lip church, in family gatherings and even the pub! Now I have fun, since my voice comes out and makes me happy! I was singing with confidence during Mass in England. Thank your so much.

I can't say enough about how much you inspire and energize me. Thank you.

Christina Kruis Educator

Iris Talbot is an extraordinary vocal coach with unparalleled experience & expertise. As a coach, she has an uncanny ability to truly understand common challenges that many speakers experience & then, cultivate vocal excellence from the student. As a speaker, I suffered from challenges like dry throat & an inability to project my voice. Her vocal coaching has taught me practical techniques with which to modulate my voice, sound stronger & more confident. Vocal coaching from Iris is exceptional & should be on any speaker's 'bucket List'.

Flo Scherpenisse Area Director

Consider yourself a lucky person, if you have Iris working with you!

Guy Mitchell Founder and CEO

Iris has the unique gift of being both a fantastic listener and great coach. I have always found her sessions to be engaging and full of practical information that I have translated into better presentation skills for myself both personally and professionally. The ability to read an audience is not always easy, but Iris is a master at it and is adaptable and agile as a presenter and injects emotion and fun into her workshops to keep her participants interested and on their toes.

Ryan Smith

Realtor and Trainer

Iris has facilitated several workshops at CREB® and always brings energy and enthusiasm to the learners and the subject matter. I doubt very much you can be in a room with Iris and not end up energized.

Gemma Beierback  Manager

Iris thank you so much for sharing the gift of your unique voice.  You have given me hope that I can change my voice and one day be able to sing without being embarrassed. 

I loved the group sessions because it was amazing to hear the changes in everyone 's voice.  It is very inspiring. Thank you again. 

Pat West


Your kindness in sharing tremendous amount of your professional and personal knowledge and experience is greatly appreciated.

Josephine Choy

Having Iris as my vocal coach has brought a lot of wonderful changes to my life. I've spent many years sounding unsure whenever I spoke and never feeling happy with the quality of my voice. But now I am very confident in using my voice whenever I speak or sing. This new confidence has led me to joining a choir, volunteering to do voice overs and allowed me to meet many new friends. I will always be grateful to Iris for her patience, encouragement and knowledge. Without her I wouldn't have learned to appreciate my own voice and what it's capable of. I'm excited for what's next to come. Thank you Iris.

Chris Chung