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 December 1, 2017

By  Iris Talbot

Why doesn’t my voice stay the same?  I think I’m a finished product then something new happens.

My mentor Ken Nielsen used to say to me, “Your voice is like a puzzle. As soon as one piece shifts the whole puzzle shifts.”

Like life, your voice is never static. It’s  always changing.

Even now  after over forty-five years of singing my voice continues to change.  As I demonstrate the low register for my male students, my lower range improves, giving my upper notes more fullness. How exciting is that? If I had stopped changing a mere 20 or even 5  years ago  I would not experience the rich diversity available in my voice today. Your voice can change too.

One of my students is a successful lawyer.  He has a rich, resonant , compelling speaking  voice.

I asked him “Why are you coming for vocal coaching?”

He replied, ” My voice cracks when I speak.”

“No problem” said I. “We’ll use that crack to your advantage.”

Imagine his surprise as I had him yodel his way to vocal health.  As an added bonus he’s learning to sing. He never thought he would ever sing “Danny Boy”. . Now he

is realizing a dream that he never thought possible before starting our vocal sessions together.

No matter what your age you can learn something new.

Years ago, I  recorded an interview with my mentor Ken Nielsen and a three fellow students.  I still have a few DVD’s  left. For a donation of $20 to the National Music Centre; Studio Bell  in Calgary you can own your own copy of  “Ken Nielsen  a Teacher’s Perspective. ” nmc_gift_form

Contact me . I’ll be sure you get a DVD to you..

Iris Talbot

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