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A Time to Shine
I believe there is tremendous value in creating an encouraging and helpful vocal experience for young singers . This year[...]
Teaching Children
Last year, if you had  asked me, "Who is your preferred voice student?" I would have  said "Anyone over 13[...]
Your Unique Voice
My job as a vocal coach is to have you make a sound you have never made and I have never[...]
Am I there yet?
Why doesn't my voice stay the same?  I think I'm a finished product then something new happens. My mentor Ken[...]
There’s a Coupon For That
October is the month for the Humourist Speech competitions in Toastmasters. Here is a link to a International contest speech[...]
Healing vocal nodes without surgery.
I remember  Ed, a friend of mine and student of Ken's,  who starting singing in a band when he was[...]