Healing vocal nodes without surgery.

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I remember  Ed, a friend of mine and student of Ken’s,  who starting singing in a band when he was a young teenager. Unfortunately he developed vocal nodes. His doctor wanted to remove them. Then he met Ken Nielsen, my life long voice mentor. After studying with Ken for four years he no longer had vocal nodes. His voice was  healthy. His voice now had a chance to develop.  His voice became beautiful and  powerful . I now jokingly say  ” Ed’s voice makes the Jack Singer concert hall in Calgary seem like a closet.”

How did that happen?  How did he avoid surgery and have a better voice than before? New techniques had to replace the old ones which caused the  problems. The low register had to get stronger . The upper register had to strengthen as well.  Then they needed to work together in a healthy combination. It took time, patience and an understanding of good vocal habits.

If you have similar vocal experiences to my friend Ed you might be feeling a little frustrated. I understand.   It took me years to learn how the voice works. Building a healthy voice isn’t always an easy fix.

Here is an interesting article about Adele. Long but worth reading if you are having vocal problems. You are not alone. There is help. Surgery isn’t the only choice. Contact me for a complimentary vocal session.



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