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If you are struggling to find your voice or would like learn the techniques that will take you from good to great.  Click below to find out if voice coaching is right for you.

Iris Talbot

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Iris has spoken for Calgary's top business schools, SAIT, the Calgary Real Estate Board, and others.  Book her to speak with your group on the power of the Voice.

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Iris shares her insights into the power of the voice.  You can also find relevant articles, events happening around Calgary, and resources to help you.

Iris Talbot is following her life's passion and dedicating her time and efforts to teaching you to use your voice in a more compelling way. With over 40 years of experience training voices, Iris has learned the tips, tools and techniques that will help you strengthen and find the voice that is uniquely yours. While serving the public as a REALTOR® for twenty-five years, she never stopped teaching voice or training herself. For forty-five years, she was blessed to have Ken Nielsen, a very gifted vocal mentor, to guide her along the way to singing and teaching success. Sadly he passed away in May of 2014. His knowledgeable, unique approach to building the voice in a functionally healthy way has benefited Iris both as a singer and a vocal coach. If you feel stuck vocally she understands your dilemma. Under her guidance, you will become stronger vocally and more confident when singing or speaking.

Gain the confidence, credibility and competence that comes as your voice gains greater expression, beauty and consistency.

Hear How Iris has Helped Others

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